Heidi Scrimgeour

Heidi Scrimgeour

Freelance journalist and editor.

Based on the North coast of Northern Ireland.

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The Guardian

Light blue jeans at work? Office style and company dress codes ...

Light blue jeans at work? Office style and company ...

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The Guardian

Why your reputation is key to your brand | Guardian Small Business ...

Why your reputation is key to your brand | Guardian...

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The Guardian

Inspired by the recession, small firms in Ireland embrace innovation ...

Inspired by the recession, small firms in Ireland e...

The Guardian

Making a holiday work when running a small business

How do you juggle owning a business with taking a break? Small business owners share their tips...

The Guardian

How do you pick the right location for your business?

From logistics to competition, we look at what factors determine whether a business will flourish or fail in any given location...

The Guardian

Queen's birthday honours list: Knights

Privy Counsellors, Knights Bachelor, Order of the Bath, Royal Victorian Order, Royal Victorian Medal and Order of Companions of Honour...

The Guardian

Ask the indie professor: Is it strictly a man's world on tour?

Wendy Fonarow: It's not easy being exiled in guyville. Women face special challenges in a male-dominated and sexually charged profession...

The Guardian

UK can learn from Germany's feed-in tariff lessons | Greg Barker

Greg Barker: German experience can help reverse the UK's poor record on renewables and underpin our green energy policies...

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The Guardian

Heidi Scrimgeour | The Guardian

Heidi Scrimgeour is a freelance journalist and a founding board member of Belfast's first co-operative brewery, Boundary Brewing...

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The Guardian

What does it take to go from challenger brand to market leader?

These businesses start out as underdogs but can end up disrupting an entire industry...

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The Guardian

Is your office full of workaholics?

Anti-workaholism policies may seem counterproductive, but a culture of presenteeism does little to grow your business...

The Guardian

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... Henry Scowcroft · Steve Scown · Phil Scraton · Screw · Heidi Scrimgeour · Gyorgy Scrinis · Jim Scrivener · Jodie Scrivener · Ebenezer Scrooge · Afi Scruggs  ......

The Guardian

Collaboration not competition on Small Business Saturday

Business owners in Manchester, Cardiff and Belfast tell us what they are doing on 5 December...

The Guardian

New year, new career? Ditch the doomed gym plan and start a business

Entrepreneurs who took advantage of New Year’s Eve optimism to launch a business talk about their experiences...

The Guardian

Is a room of one's own a luxury or essential?

Many small business owners run their operations from a corner of the kitchen table, but could the lack of a dedicated work space hold a business back?...