Heidi Scrimgeour

Heidi Scrimgeour

Freelance journalist and editor.

Based on the North coast of Northern Ireland.

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Girl 20blushing snapseed article

Should we ask our children’s permission before posting about them on Facebook?

Answer: It is my view that we don t want to condition children to believe that anything they say or do may or may not be shared as a source of ......

Pregnancy snapseed article

How has technology changed the pregnancy experience?

Answer: These days, a female expecting within an industrialized country can reasonably anticipate that both the lady and her child will have a ......

Youtube 20disney 20fan article

YouTube: Why kids love watching videos of other kids at play

Answer: div If you have kids of primary school age, you rsquo;ve probably noticed that there rsquo;s something of a trend emerging ......

Yo 20mama article

Yo Mama jokes: how are mamas meant to feel?

Answer: div If there rsquo;s one characteristic that I don rsquo;t want my kids to think sums me up, it rsquo;s ......

Girl park tablet snapseed.carousel article

How long should school summer holidays be?

Answer: I believe that we are using the agricultural model of needing summers off to help with the farm. I know that it would take a while for ......

Baby using mobile snapseed.carousel article

When should your child get a mobile phone?

Answer: It depends, a mobile phone is so much more than a device for making phone calls these days, in fact I think all of our phones spend very ......

Mother 20and 20son 20using 20various 20gadgets article

Are modern parents over-reliant on technology?

Answer: Hell, yes. There, I’ve said it. And before for you beat me down with an arm-flailing howl of protest - careful to place your gadgets safely ......

Wean 20off 20cash snapseed 560 412 1 article

Stay at home dad learns lessons from trying to crowdfund education

Answer: Imagine if someone asked you to help fund someone rsquo;s salary to be a stay at home dad. Seem likely? Endearing? Arrogant? Brave? It ......

Funderwear snapseed.carousel article

Fundawear: The future of sexting?

Answer: div p Durex Australia are trialing a new range of a ......

Homework pen paper dodo.carousel 1 article

Is the ability to concentrate a lost art?

Answer: div I rsquo;ve lost the ability to focus. I don rsquo;t know when it started, and - oh, the irony - I didn rsquo;t even ......

Old tv snapseed.carousel article

Should we ditch the TV for good?

Answer: We have reduced our TV consumption a lot recently, when our Projector broke. Due to the cost of the bulb and the paid cable TV ......

Working 20at 20home snapseed article

How do you handle the holidays when you're a working parent?

Answer: Badly. That s the truth, I handle the school holidays badly. In other words, it s chaos, it s frequently last minute, it s ......

Fb logo article

Does Siri keep a record of what you ask it?

And if so, for how long and is it local to your device or saved centrally somewhere? Answer: Yes, as per Jordan, Apple stores Siri data for 2 years - this can include data that contains any voice commands issued to Siri....

Birthday 20card snapseed article

Has Facebook made the humble birthday card redundant?

Answer: Yes and no both actually. Yes because the feel of getting a birthday card from someone on your birthday is unique in it s own way. It ......

Grandparents snapseed.carousel article

Will my kids ever afford a family?

Answer: div Until recently it hadn rsquo;t occurred to me to worry about whether my kids might be forced to live at home with me forever, ......