Heidi Scrimgeour

Heidi Scrimgeour

Freelance journalist and editor.

Based on the North coast of Northern Ireland.

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Fea 2014 06 17 lif 038 32022514 i1 article
Irish Independent

Why the baby blues can fail to hit for years - Independent.ie

Motherhood can be a tough gig. Few would dispute that, but new research hints that the old 'it gets easier' adage – routinely told to new mums – may be something of a myth....

2014 12 24 bus 5678444 i1 article
Irish Independent

Bye, bye, Barbie: How the world's most iconic doll got edged out by new arrivals - Independent.ie

My little girl recently spurned her friend's best efforts to persuade her to play with a Barbie doll....

Div article
Irish Independent

Is it ever okay to argue in front of your children? - Independent.ie

John Meagherand Heidi Scrimgeour argue Yes and No....

Fea 2014 07 02 lif 038 31900482 i1 article
Irish Independent

How your fertility is far from over at 40 - Independent.ie

When television presenter and mother Kirstie Allsopp urged women to "speak honestly and frankly about fertility and the fact it falls off a cliff when you're 35" she sparked a...

2014 10 30 lif 4285006 i1 article
Irish Independent

Advice for dads-to-be: Don't do a Robbie in the delivery room - Independent.ie

Robbie Williams' unconventional delivery-room behaviour during wife Ayda Field's labour seems to have reset the bar on the role of fathers during childbirth....

2014 12 16 lif 5455660 i1 article
Irish Independent

Would you dress your tot like Prince George? - Independent.ie

Prince George looks very cute in his Christmas picture, but his retro outfit for the big day isn’t to everyone’s taste. Two writers argue the case for and against the fashion choice......

2015 03 03 lif 7451345 i1 article
Irish Independent

Paid paternity leave: Will it spell good news for Irish fathers? - Independent.ie

The family may have a special place in our Constitution but, in reality, we've been slow to actively facilitate Irish people in this most important of tasks. While maternity leave is re...

150665130 article
Irish Independent

Is it ever okay to hide spending from your partner? - Independent.ie

Get ready to feel guilty because, according to a new survey, thousands of us are doing the dirty on our partners – and there's a one in seven chance you're at it too....

Love 20lines article
Irish Independent

'Stretchies': Photos celebrating stretch marks is the latest Instagram craze - Independent.ie

Forget selfies and belfies - that's self-portraits and pictures of your bottom snapped on your phone and shared via social media, to the uninitiated - now there's a new craze in town....

2014 09 16 lif 3398831 i2 article
Irish Independent

10 really unusual ways to really beat work stress - Independent.ie

New research suggests that work-related stress increases your risk of developing serious illnesses. We don't fancy that, so here's our brilliant stress-busting guide....

2015 02 11 lif 6883374 i1 article
Irish Independent

Call the male midwife: 'When I walk in the door at 6ft 1in faces freeze' - Independent.ie

Dan Oakes hesitates when people ask him what he does for a living. As the first male midwife to graduate from Dundalk Institute of Technology (and one of around 30 in Ireland) his answe...

Fea 2014 05 16 lif 034 31655370 i3 article
Irish Independent

Baby brain: celebs and their clueless parenting tips - Independent.ie

'Their approach is much easier to adopt if you've got a host of staff to call on'...

483469551 article
Irish Independent

Price George's playdate - Independent.ie

Prince William, Kate and Prince George attend Plunkett's Parent's Group at Government House on April 9, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand. The Duke and ......

Fea 2014 03 25 lif 034 31099729 i1 article
Irish Independent

Is an emotional affair worse than a one-night stand? - Independent.ie

Two writers debate which has the worse long term effects on a relationship....

Panews p b01e829b b7a2 41eb af4c 80995026a0c8 i1 article
Irish Independent

POLL: Should you ever smack children? - Independent.ie

Heidi Scrimgeour After the birth of our daughter, I was nervous about combining my career as a freelance writer with becoming a mum for the third time....