Heidi Scrimgeour

Heidi Scrimgeour

Freelance journalist and editor.

Based on the North coast of Northern Ireland.

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17f31threebabies1 460138 article

Why three really is the magic number when it comes to having children

ACCORDING to research, families who have a third child are the most stressed. But Heidi Scrimgeour says adding to her brood was the best decision she’s ever made...

10f36family 369887 article

NCT classes were far from 'scary' for me

LAST week TV presenter and mother-of-two Kirstie Allsopp took to Twitter to criticise the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). She sparked an online furore over the work of the UK's largest charity for parents....

Heidi 405286 article

Is being a mum the best career choice?

THE best decision I ever made was giving up a career I loved to look after my children....

Multi 387454 article

Help! I've got multitasking mania

MY NAME is Heidi and I’m addicted to multitasking....

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Can a marriage manual stop us from fighting?

LIKE most married couples my husband and I exchange heated words from time to time....

255817 1 article

It took one day to change my son’s bad behaviour

MY six-year-old son Edan is a wonderfully colourful character who exhibits what my mother-in-law calls, “leadership qualities” by the bucketload....

Piercing a child s ears 583687 article

VOTE: Do YOU think it's okay to pierce a child or toddler's ears?

IT'S the debate that's raged for years, but the findings seem pretty clear....