Heidi Scrimgeour

Heidi Scrimgeour

Freelance journalist and editor.

Based on the North coast of Northern Ireland.

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Smartphone-addicted mum goes cold turkey for a week | Daily Mail ...

Smartphone-addicted mum goes cold turkey for a week...

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Can a perfume REALLY help you lose weight?

Heidi Scrimgeour, 39, from County Antrim, tested £18 perfume Prends Moi which claims to curb cravings and reduce the urge to overeat. The mother hoped a week of spritzing would kick-start her diet....

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Sisters who were BOTH left with saggy tummies get a body makeover

Stephanie and Tiffany, from the US, both used the same surgeon to have a gastric bypass and they then underwent unsuccessful body lifts after dropping 300lbs (21 stone) between them....

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Thatcher faced diplomatic row over who could name rose in her honour

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was at the heart of a diplomatic row between Germany and Japan after both countries decided they wanted to name a rose after her....

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Is my son's teacher worth a Fortnum & Mason hamper?

At the school-gates as I watched teachers make multiple trips to their cars to load up all their bounty I began to wonder if the parents had all gone mad....

Open uri20160401 2014 ssrm2p article

A 9-1-1 dispatcher reveals how tough the job REALLY is

Erin (whose name has been changed), 29, worked the stressful job for years, and admits that it's certainly not a fit for everyone. The Virginia resident worked demanding, 12-hour days....

Open uri20160401 2014 9n94i7 article

Have YOU got new parent syndrome?

According to a new study, after starting a family, parents kiss their partner less, go on fewer nights out and have less romance. So have you got new parent syndrome? Read on to find out....

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No chance of getting this lot Muggled up: Harry Potter and the less than convincing lookalikes

Three stand-ins were dressed the same as the three Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint... but looked nothing like them....

Open uri20160401 2014 1e95fc9 article

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part I: Deathly and dark, the perfect Potter cliff-hanger

The seventh and penultimate Harry Potter starts with the words: 'These are dark times.' They certainly are. There’s precious little ­sweetness and light around in this episode....

Open uri20160401 2014 dn9glp article

Bill Nighy plays the gentleman as he greets adoring young female fan

The Love Actually actor was flattered by the attentions of a brunette waitress in Mayfair cafe Cecconi's....


What a let-down! Fans' disappointment as England's World Cup campaign begins with a draw

After 44 years of hurt, England fans should by now be familiar with the feeling of crushing disappointment with which they awoke this morning....

Open uri20160401 2014 1c3i883 article

Revealed, the secret plan to airlift stranded Britons from Cyprus: Military to rescue up to 60,000 expats as island faces financial meltdown

Senior Whitehall sources say that if the crisis spirals out of control, stranded and penniless British citizens who want to come back will be offered airline tickets....

Open uri20160401 2014 l1zv8i article

The electric shock that could cure a headache by releasing the body's most powerful painkillers

Scientists from the University of Michigan have used deep brain stimulation to release the human body’s most powerful painkillers that are very similar to opiates such as morphine....

Open uri20160401 2014 1ints3a article

British student stands in for Prince Philip at ceremony on island where duke is living God

The inhabitants of Tanna, in the Vanuatu islands, off the Australian coast, believe the Queen's husband is divine, the incarnation of a spirit who emerged from a volcano....

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Why HM's made of the write stuff...: YOURS, E.R. BY TERENCE BLACKER

In these days of email and tweets, what a treat it has become to receive a proper letter. And how enviable the lot of Sir Jeremy Scrimgeour, who has received a letter every week - from the Queen, writes HARRY RITCHIE...